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Have your business information delivered directly to every mailbox from Twin Mountain north to Colebrook.  By going directly to each home, you're guaranteed full coverage of the entire area. Also, by mailing, you can choose which towns to include your inserts, saving you money and pinpointing your coverage.

Great Northwoods Journal Media Kit

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Reach over 16,500 readers with each mailing!

Classified Ads and News can be dropped off at:
Great Northwoods Journal
98-B Main Street
Lancaster, NH  03584


A FREE, Weekly Journal Direct-Mailed to over 8,232 homes in Northern New Hampshire.

Mailed directly to all residents of:
Lancaster    Groveton     Jefferson    Colebrook    North Stratford    Stark    Whitefield    Dalton
Guildhall, VT    Lunenburg, VT   Gilman, VT

Additional papers available for pickup in all the above towns as well as:
Littleton    Lisbon     Stewartstown

A solid advertising tool for area businesses
Total Circulation:  Approx. 9,300        Established:  August 11, 2005

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